is a trained Hatha & Tantra practitioner and a space holder. His main aim with holding space and sharing the practices is to introduce different ancient tools & techniques and applying them in a modern context to bridge the gap between "non-spiritualists" and "spiritualists". His classes revolve around tapping into the divine Masculine and Feminine derived from the Kashmir Shaivist doctrine (Tantra) using tools from traditional Hatha yoga, Pranayama and energy sublimation techniques. @the_millenial_heretic  

space management @vollmondyoga
is a multi-discplinary facilitator with expertise in breathwork, sound, and yoga. Dedicated to exploring and merging various modalities, her passion lies in reviving the power of breath through immersive, multi-sensory experiences. Drawing from diverse musical traditions and blending electronic elements with healing instruments like gongs and singing bowls, Habiba crafts a vibrant sonic landscape for her sessions. 



is a Mexican Berliner passionate about spiritual connection as a catalyst for inner and outer well-being. She believes in the beauty and power of authenticity to bring us to the sacred state of presence. Using different practices such as embodied yoga, somatics, and intuitive movement, sound, and the medicine plant of cacao she curates and facilitates experiences for people to dive deeper into themselves and remember their truth. Her most recent obsession and love is combining playing the gongs with somatics as a method to explore our infinite inner landscapes. @julisalvarez_

founder of vollmondyoga, is a certified sound therapist, musician, human design reader and breath-work instructor — facilitating re-connective experiences between Berlin and Turkey.@yaseminvollmond

is a musician, sound therapist and Reiki practitioner. Student of Kriya Yoga, Zen Meditation, Tao Qigong and indigenous wisdom. I will be very happy to share a space for you to dive into meditation and guide you into your own silence. I will share with you about the science and the invisible dimensions nourished by the practice of meditation and mindfulness. Relax to the sounds of the instruments I bring to harmonize your energy and to connect to your human nature. @sonido_sur

Greta is a trauma-informed Doula, Yoga teacher, plant-based nutritionist, bodyworker and writer weaving different traditions and indigenous teachings she received into her holistic guidance that is mostly focused on creating soft transformative spaces for women/Flinta beings to remember trust, integrate growth, be held in community and connect deeply to body-heart-spirit and the earth. The transitions of life - birth, death and trauma - are what inspires her to be of service to a world where women* and all beings can feel safe and free. @healfeelflow